Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well, Well...Welcome

Well, well... Welcome to the Official Blog of the Hurley Dynasty. This is Lord Solomon Silverstone, secretary. He'll be your virtual guide and lead you through the long corridors of Hurley Hall, full of scary mysteries and intriguing guests.

On this blog, you'll meet Nora, Jordan and Lily Hurley, discover their personal blogs about practical magic for beginners, english literature and witchy cooking. - if Solomon ever gets them to post something. In the "Authorized Bio" section, you'll find a few chapters of our biography, written by Veronika Veren, our official biographer.
For Lord Solomon's part, he'll keep you updated on what's going on in the mansion and will share with you his collection of horror movies... you know, those funny flicks mortals make about us.
Make yourself comfortable, take a cup of tea and a few cookies (thank you who?) and meet the family. If you ever come home and decide to come back, bring your friends along.

Lord Solomon Silverstone, Secretary

Update: Lord Solomon found a new toy. Since when are you our "secretary", Sol?
Update: I was going to ask the same question.
Update: If you wish to ask us a question, please use our official e-magic address.
Update: Unbelievable.
Update: You know Lord Solomon has a lot of free time. He can't spend it drinking tea with Daisy and you all day long.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Spirit Passed Before Me (Friday 13th)

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

I feared I would be the only bad pupil in the Hurley family, posting once a month or so. Now I see my charming sisters are even more careless than I am.
As today happens to be a Friday 13th, Lord Byron's words come to my mind: "A spirit passed before me"...
It actually passed in the corridor a few seconds ago, giggling and playing with what looked like an Oscar Wilde first edition. I'll have to excuse myself and find it before the precious volume gets ruined, leaving you with Lord Byron and his deliciously dust-powdered poem.
Forever yours, Jordan Hurley

A spirit passed before me: I beheld
The face of immortality unveiled—
Deep sleep came down on every eye save mine—
And there it stood,—all formless—but divine:
Along my bones the creeping flesh did quake;
And as my damp hair stiffened, thus it spake:

"Is man more just than God? Is man more pure
Than He who deems even Seraphs insecure?
Creatures of clay—vain dwellers in the dust!
The moth survives you, and are ye more just?
Things of a day! you wither ere the night,
Heedless and blind to Wisdom's wasted light!"

A Spirit Passed Before Me by Lord Byron

A shopping spree to die for!

Hello darlings (no pretty picture like Jordan? Typical)!

This is Daisy, exhausted after a day of hard work. What a life! Somebody willing to trade places with me? Friday 13th is always a busy day for me, but I won't bother you with a detailed summary. I just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in.

Last week, I finally got a day off (unbelievable!) and decided to have a peaceful afternoon in London. Well, at first, I only wanted to buy myself a new pair of shoes (I spend my time walking and my bosses won't buy me a car) and a pudding, then I spotted a pretty shop and... purchased a few cute things. I'll have to ask for a raise.
Among other things, I bought myself an adorable skull necklace. I'll wear it at work, I think my clients will like it.

Your darling Daisy

Update: Daisy, what are you doing in my studio?
Update: The door was open, darling. Did you find your Oscar Wilde first edition?

Update: Daisy! Lord Solomon told you not to post here. It's a family blog. 
Update: Are you telling me I'm not a member of the family?
Update: Is your name "Hurley"?
Update: Not yet.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Witchy Recipes from Lily

Dear gingerbreads, lollipops and fruity pies! Lily Hurley, Nora and Jordan's older sister (although I froze when I turned eighteen, it's a long story) on the line. As you may have guessed, I'll mostly post about recipes, cakes and witchy cocktails. I own a pastry shop, "Lily's Delishes", in London and know a lot about cooking. I'll post traditional English recipes as well as original witchy delishes.

I can't promise to post every week as I have a lot of work (my new banana-watermelon shortcake is the hottest dessert in London nowadays), but I'll try to keep you updated on everything that's going on in my kitchen and pastry shop. Besides, you'll hear a lot from Solomon and Nora (Solomon is also addicted to Twitter). Take care!

Lily Hurley